Born out of boredom and convenience, J4 started out as three housemates running out of things to do in Melbourne’s lockdown. The result – a collection of songs that combine romance, humour and self-reflection with pop hooks and a punk attitude.

Setting up in their lounge room on a Friday afternoon, J4 jam into the early hours of the morning, capturing their excitement and revelry as the night progresses. “We use first takes of everything, so we don’t over complicate lyrics or the way we’re playing” says Lewis. “We’re not trying to be perfect; we’re just trying to get it out.”

This approach means J4’s songs are refreshingly straightforward – a translation of the trio’s natural dialogue cultivated over the last five years of living together. The only goal as far as they’re concerned is to express themselves quickly and honestly, enjoying each other’s company in the process.

It’s this sentiment that suggests J4 is a family unit, just as much as it is a musical project. “Our love for each other really flows through the lyrics and music,” says Maguire. And though the project is inextricably linked to this love and their creative home, it’s now time for J4 to be unleashed into the wild.